Transform MicroStrategy RSD development to boost efficiency and save time

Our mission is to help MicroStrategy developers and BI Managers by boosting their productivity and eliminating tedious manual work.

Better results, less time, more fun in the process.

What does MSTR Pro offer?

Make MicroStrategy development better than ever before!
  • Get your MicroStrategy developers to do important work instead of clicking and formatting. MSTR Pro can do it for them faster and more efficiently. 


  • Our tools helps developers to use automatization during the most repetitive tasks such as sizing and replacing fonts, applying thresholds, generation of API URL, or pixel perfect development.  


  • By installing our browser extension you can use any of the MSTR Pro tools and products without ANY necessity to make changes in your environment. Our Plug&Play approach makes the solutions flexible, safe and easy to use.


  • Get our help in tailoring our products specifically to your needs. We can also develop new solutions for you.


Vastly enhanced UI for handling images for RSDs.  Features some key components that were always missing in the original software: image browser, adding to favourites, ability to manipulate types of paths (absolute or relative) and more


Tired of constantly switching between modes and endless fight for pixel perfect display?  Just do it in presentation mode for true WYSIWYG experience with the Preview Mode plugin. Fast and simple


Automate your visual cue creation and management. Create reusable threshold templates and apply them individually or in bulk across other objects in your MicroStrategy document. Save hours on top of hours of manual labor. 

Inspector ++

Fast access to project details such as for example Project ID, Project Name, Server name in one place. Provides specific informations about existing data model.

Font replacer

Apply consistent font style/size across all RSDs in a chosen parent folder. Rebranding, standardizing or applying a new font style has never been easier. Any number of RSDs in just one click.

Check our video to understand how MSTR Pro works